Sunday, January 11, 2015

Spain seems to be outdoing Britain for political correctnmess

Exraordinarily harsh treatment for a single sarcastic comment

A man was thrown into jail in Spain for nine months after leaving a sarcastic comment under his ex-girlfriend's Facebook profile picture.

In October 2012 the man, who has not been named, was banned from contacting his former partner by any means after a specialized Domestic Violence court in Palma, Majorca passed a protection order.

But just five days later the hopeless individual posted a mocking comment under her profile picture which read: 'Showing them what you've got I see, babe.'

After reading the comment, 'a la vete a enseƱarlo guapa’ in Spanish, the woman alerted the authorities and the ex-boyfriend was once again brought before a court in Palma.

He was charged with breaching the restraining order and sentenced to nine months behind bars.

He appealed his conviction, citing that the court could not prove who sent the Facebook message or that he had actually breached the order.

But the court in Palma said the man was 'completely conscious' of the fact his Facebook message 'was an infringement of the restraining order'.



Anonymous said...

So now the public has to pay to support this guy in jail because the government insists on sticking their nose in a lover's spat?

Bird of Paradise said...

Big Brother in the Euroweenie Union