Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Man booted off  British TV show  after repeatedly using the word n**** and making a string of 'disgusting' remarks about women

American Leftist hysteria about the n-word seems to have migrated across the pond.  And if men cease to like how women look, the human race will die out

Former Coronation Street star Ken Morley has been kicked out of the Celebrity Big Brother house after repeatedly using the word n**** and making a string of 'disgusting' remarks about women.

The 71-year-old, who played Reg Holdsworth in Coronation Street for a decade, had already received a final warning after he branded US singer Alexander O'Neal a 'nice big fat n****'.

He was called to the diary house immediately and told to leave after describing a row he had with Frank Bruno, where he used a racist term.

In a discussion with Keith Chegwin, he recalled the conversation he had with Frank, where he told the boxing legend: 'Hello, Lord Fauntleroy here - turn down your n***** rhythms.'

The actor also sparked outrage in the house after saying 'what's wrong with looking at some of the best arses in world' when questioned about his behaviour by co-star Nadia Sawalha.

He said: 'They've got the best looking bodies. they've got the best looking a**s - what is wrong with a man looking?'

Nadia responded by saying: 'I think the police need to be called.'



Anonymous said...

The government may not regulate speech, but individuals and groups can and do.

Bird of Paradise said...

Less freedom in the new Soviet Union

Anonymous said...

If you are stupid enough to watch crap like that you deserve what you get. To call it a reality show is like filming a wildlife documentary in a zoo.

Anonymous said...

Funny how blacks are allowed to call themselves n***** al day long but if a white person says it, look out!

Like in the movie 'Rush Hour' with Chris Rock and Jackie Chan. Rock walks into a bar and says "What's up my N*****" to at lest 4 blacks and they are all smiles.

Jackie says it and a fight breaks out.

Interestingly "cracker" is an offensive term but blacks are allowed to call whites that as much as they want!

Olaf Koenders said...

The police need to be called? Is that the height of British guts and self-worth these days?

Somehow I reckon all copies of "Love Thy Neighbour" (1973 British TV series) have been mothballed permanently, so nobody has to hear Eddie Booth say "bloody nig-nog" and Bill Reynolds say "honkie".

Anonymous said...

Olaf -re your comment about the British "these days" - Nadia Sawalha may be "British" but it's hardly an "indigenous"-sounding name!