Sunday, January 11, 2015

UK: Minister rebukes civil service aide for claiming convicted rapist Ched Evans was 'probably not guilty'

Britain imprisons several women every year for false rape  claims so doubts about a convicted rapist's guilt in Britain are entirely  reasonable. There is no doubt that the sex in this case was consensual but the court held that the woman was too drunk to give consent, a very flimsy verdict

Business Secretary Vince Cable has been forced to rebuke one of his top Whitehall aides for claiming Ched Evans was 'probably not guilty' of rape - despite the footballer being tried and convicted for the crime.

Andy Ormerod-Cloke, Private Secretary to the Business Secretary, made the controversial remark on his personal Twitter account while watching BBC One's Question Time last night.

The Oxford University graduate, said he would 'query how many have looked at the details rather than symbolism of rapist-footballer'.  He added: 'If guilty then never a footballer again – role model argument – but on the facts of the case, probably not guilty.'

As a civil servant Mr Ormerod-Cloke is not supposed to post messages online about controversial topics.



Anonymous said...

Wow! A civil servant who is reasonable and uses common sense! He won't last.

Stan B said...

"Too Drunk To Give Consent" is not an arguable position, because we already have law that says drunkenness does not so badly impair judgement that it absolves Drunk Drivers of responsibility. Apparently you're suppose to have good enough judgement not to drive, but not good enough judgement not to sleep with someone.

Anonymous said...

Good point Stan B.
It could be an excuse made later if just one glass of wine was consumed, and puts a male date in an impossible position; unless he could try to use the same as a counter excuse that the woman "plied" him with a drink first.

Anonymous said...

He could counter claim he was too drunk to tell the difference. How can it be rape if they are both drunk?