Friday, January 09, 2015

Must not disrespect cyclists

A stockbroker has been sacked and forced to apologise after tweeting: 'Think I just hit a cyclist. But Im late for work so had to drive off lol.'

The apparent boast by Rayhan Qadar - which police are investigating - was made on his Twitter account under the name of 'Ray Pew' at 8.30am yesterday.

It prompted a storm from other Twitter users, who reported the 21-year-old Cardiff University graduate to police and called for him to apologise.

Despite saying it was a 'bad joke' and insisting he had not hit a cyclist, he was promptly sacked from his job at Bristol-based Hargreaves Lansdown, which sells shares and investment funds.

A spokesman said: 'One of our employees has failed to conduct themselves to the standards we expect of our staff. 'We find these online comments totally unacceptable.  'Upon becoming aware of this issue we have terminated this person's employment with immediate effect.'



Anonymous said...

A college graduate who is not too bright. I am not surprised.

stinky said...

I must have heard a variant of this same sort of joke thousands of times in my life.

What a wuss of a company to cave ... or perhaps they were already looking for an excuse to dump this guy ... or a bit of both.

Bird of Paradise said...

Darn little wussiepants should have told those jerks to SCREW IT

Anonymous said...

Giving your employer a black eye has nothing to do with free speech. Free speech means no one will stop you from saying what you want to say. Unfortunately for him, no one did. DUMB AND STUPID.