Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Must not even HINT that fat is bad

Only the government can do that

A super-fit mum has come under fire for 'fat-shaming' women - after she posted a picture of her six-pack on Instagram.

Fitness fanatic, Abby Pell, 33, from East Grinstead, East Sussex, thought she was helping encourage others to lose post-pregnancy weight when she shared the picture of her posing with her daughter.  She included the message 'I have a kid, a six pack and no excuse.'

But instead of support, the mum-of-one was branded 'shameless' by scores of people and met with abuse from her followers.

Dedicated mum Abby manages to juggle motherhood and running her own nutrition business while still hitting the gym up to six days a week.

Abby turned to intense weight training taking just a year to sculpt her impressive abs, after she ballooned to 13 stone when she was pregnant with daughter Bella, now six, and struggled to lose shed the extra 50lb. 

'I decided to have just one last push, so I started lifting weights, and I was astonished at the results that came so quickly.  'My bum was firmer, arms more defined and my abs were showing. 'Now going to the gym is where I have my 'me-time,' which all mums know they need.'

Abby, who now weighs 9st and is a size eight, says she feels better now than before she was pregnant.



Anonymous said...

We've gone from "being ashamed" of something as an incentive to "fix it" to using it as an excuse for continued bad behaviour. Face it, it's a form of competition and well, competition is now bad.

What's next, "oooh, my neighbor is weed-shaming me because I don't maintain the lawn".

Please stop this BS.

Anonymous said...

I do not believe that fat is the issue here, "no excuse" is the crux of the scorn being heaped on her. Anyone who takes control of their health, their own security, their education, etc. is the enemy because the progressive oligarchy want to control everything.


Bird of Paradise said...

This is more to do with Big Brother and 1984

Dean said...

Wah! Wah! Someone made a choice about their life I don't want to make about mine but she said I could make that choice and now I feel bad because I don't want to make that choice. Wah! Sniffle, sniffle.

When are the overweight groups going to start in on diet/exercise programs advertised on T.V.? You know, the ones where some buff male or female touts their fantastic weight loss achieved by eating prepackaged meals and exercising.