Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Head of a racist organization still attacking immigration critic

"La Raza" mean "The race"  -- the supposed Mexican race.  Her treatment of the ADL as an authority on hate speech is a bit like Goebbels quoting Hitler as an authority on the Jews.  The Leftward lean of the ADL is well-known

Janet Murguia, president of the liberal National Council for La Raza, took credit for Lou Dobbs's departure from CNN during a Monday interview on C-SPAN's Q&A program, and repeated a six-year-old charge that the host directed "hate speech" against Hispanics and immigrants. Murguia claimed that Dobbs forwarded a "negative mindset – but more than anything else, a pejorative mindset" about Latinos using "terms that the ADL had said were hate speech terms."

"We had worked with the Anti-Defamation League at the time, who had done series of research to show that certain words that Lou Dobbs was using had been used previously to create a different mindset around people – when they're referred to in terms related to animals – and he had been using the word 'hordes' and other types of – of labels around the Latino community. It creates a negative mindset – but more than anything else, a pejorative mindset – and one that, I think, actually tries to change the views that people have – when, really, we should be talking about the issues. And for us, it's one thing to about the issues, but he was doing it in a way where it really clearly was changing the perceptions that people had of Hispanics – with terms that the ADL had said were hate speech terms."



Anonymous said...

She cannot even make a cogent argument but mayhap she is just rambling since her whole argument hinges on the ADL which is the shakiest of foundations.


stinky, accurately said...

Someone needs to run her statement thru google xlate to find out what she was trying to say.

Bird of Paradise said...

La Raza needs to return to Mexico or where ever it came from and never return

Anonymous said...

Mexico, or wherever, wouldn't put up with her nonsense.

Anonymous said...

The right royal JWH is right well in amongst it ..... wot ?