Tuesday, January 20, 2015

AGAIN: Indian head-dress must not be worn

Hysteria about "genocide".  Indians were certainly oppressed but they are still around: So no genocide.  I would have thought that adopting Indian garb expressed solidarity with them

Pixie Lott has been slammed after she wore a feathered headdress to celebrate her 24th birthday with a cowboys and Indians themed party in London, on Saturday night.

She chose a Tiger Lily costume, inspired by the Native American princess from Peter Pan but it soon landed her in hot water after she posted a picture and wrote: 'Tigerlily is out to play tonight for final BDAY celebrations #cowboys #indians'.

Previous stars who have donned Indian headdresses - including Pharrell Williams, Khloe Kardashian and Ellie Goulding - have found themselves being blasted for being 'insensitive' and Pixie was no different.

Within minutes of sharing a snap on Instagram, people were quick to lash out, with one horrified person fuming: 'I don't see how the genocide of many many many people is a "party theme".'

Another sarcastically added: 'Wowww cuz dressing up as people who have been wipped out is soooo cool. Why dont you dress up as the slaves next! Let's have a slave themed party!'

And one person blasted: 'Pixie Lott, cultural Appropriation isn't cute. Not even on your birthday. Terrible party "theme".'



Anonymous said...

I wonder if any of the complainers were Native American?

Anonymous said...

The feathered headdress were used in some tribes and not others so only a subset of the tribes could be offended if at all. Many tribal strictures only apply to tribal members, further reducing the issue. This is a case of the perpetually offended.


Use the Name, Luke said...

… cultural Appropriation isn't cute.

Is cultural Appreciation okay? How can you tell which is which?

Anonymous said...

What's next, banning Karl May books?

Bird of Paradise said...

I can recall all the fuss raised over PETER PAN and the indian Maiden TIGER LILY

Anonymous said...

Why, then, do so many young gay men (and I suppose women, although I've not seen any) wear their hair cut in a "mohawk"? Guess it's easy to tell which protected class trumps which, eh?