Friday, January 23, 2015

Must not require tidy appearance in employees

A hotel in Queensland has had their Gumtree job advertisement removed because it asked for full length photographs of applicants.

Ravenswood Imperial Hotel in northern Queensland posted an advert on the classifieds website three weeks ago, prompting moderators to remove the ad.

Pub owner John Schluter stands by the employing process, saying that the need for well-presented employees is the same in every industry.

‘We need to know they’re compatible for the pub. If the girls are 4’2 and they can’t see over the bar that obviously isn’t going to work’ he said.

The ad sparked outcry on social media, where some have claimed it encourages discrimination

‘It’s offbeat to the customers who have just worked 12 hour shifts if the employees are daggy or poorly dressed. We get people here from all over the world.’

While The Fair Work Act does not deny employees the right to ask for a photo, it is considered unlawful to discriminate against employees over their race, colour, sex, age, physical or mental disability or marital status.

But Mr Schluter said this has been the hotels employment policy for some time.  ‘We’ve been doing this for eight years, and I’m not sure why it’s an issue. We run a careful establishment here and I can’t have anyone looking unkempt,’ he said.



Anonymous said...

Political correctness run amok again.

Anonymous said...

So, if an applicant has a disability that would prohibit them form doing the job and if i do not hire them because of that, THAT'S discrimination?

So I should be forced to hire someone with a physical deformity to work at hooters?

More liberal whining! My business, My rules, don't like the rules? GO WORK SOMEWHERE ELSE!

stinky said...

The thud you hear is the combined sounds of the foreheads of casting directors worldwide as they hit the table.

President Not Sure said...

Malcolm Smith said...

I noticed that the ad required a "female bar attendant". Personally, I have no objection to that, but the fact is, it runs foul of both Federal and State anti-discrimination legislation. Yet they zero in on the photo issue and not the female issue.
Apart from that, exactly what is wrong with requesting a photo? If the management don't want an ugly or daggy employee, they can simply interview her and then reject her. It would have been better for the applicant if she were short-listed out at the application stage, and didn't have to go for a futile interview.
The same goes if the management were racist and didn't want black or Asian barmaids. If they didn't shortlist them out at the photo stage, they simply have an interview and then reject them. I know this is against the law, but there is nothing the law can do to prevent it happening.

Anonymous said...

Attending an interview may not be a waste of time if the candidate can so impress the employer as to overcome the formerly disqualifying features.

Bird of Paradise said...

Felix Ungers nightmares

Anonymous said...

Bartender in a wheelchair? No problem, either force them to build a platform or get sued. Nuts.