Sunday, January 25, 2015

Finding short fat girls unattractive is 'prejudice'

I'm prejudiced

A flight passenger who complained an airline was only hiring 'short fat girls' as stewardesses has been shamed by social media users after the company hit back at his 'prejudice' online.

In the post sent directly to Argentina Airlines' Facebook page, the man noted the 'low quality' of airline stewardesses and bemoaned the fact that the company appeared to only be hiring 'short fat girls'.

He originally wrote: 'What gets my attention is the low quality of flight attendants that the company has. Before they were tall, nice. Now they only take short fat girls.'

The airline's social media promptly responded, listing the requirements for the role and noting 'prejudice doesn't fly, we leave it on the ground'.

Its requirements include that they're older than 18 and are between 5'4" and 5'7" tall.  They must also be an Argentinian citizen who has graduated high school, knows how to swim, can speak English and has the necessary training qualification.

The response soon went viral on Facebook and Twitter and was retweeted hundreds of times as people celebrated the airline's riposte.

One user wrote alongside a picture of the exchange: 'Excellent! #AerolineasArgentinas' amazing response to passenger (who) complained about physical appearance of the flight attendants.'


It seems that the airline did not deny that its hostesses tend to be short and fat


Anonymous said...

Truth is no justification for statements.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps "high quality, tall and thin" women don't want to associate with a$$hat passengers?

Anonymous said...

I thought "the customer is always right". Although I'm sure shaming their customer will bring him back for another flight, right? Can you imagine the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders being short and fat? I'm sure the fans would support that.

Anonymous said...

5:45, apples and oranges. Cheerleaders are hired because of their looks, flight attendants are hired for their competence.

slinky said...

When there is turbulence, a lower center of gravity is a big plus. It's simple physics. Back off you whiny-ass retards..

Anonymous said...

Quite a few of the Asian airlines like Korean Air, and Singapore Airlines like to hire "tall" good looking women. A pleasant looking individual who is good at their job is a plus. Such airlines that take that extra step are worth seeking out over those that hire frumpy old battleaxes.

Anonymous said...

When there is turbulence, a lower center of gravity is a big plus. It's simple physics.
That is simple nonsense in an airplane and besides that there is no need to be insulting.

Anonymous said...

It seems that Anon 1:21 is a science denier, typical right winger.

Anonymous said...

Overweight employees have increased health costs and from an economic sense cost more. If overweight employees do not fit the expectation of your clientele they further hurt your business. The object of being in business is to make a profit and if you do not your employees become unemployed. Low centers of gravity quality while it might be low brow humor is worth less for a flight attendant and since wide hips will strike more row seat passengers this is a detriment as well.


Anonymous said...

Competence AND good looks are not mutually exclusive.