Friday, January 30, 2015

Google Translate under fire for offering offensive and homophobic words including 'poof' and 'queen' when people use service for word 'gay'

It must use an impartial dictionary.  There is no room for impartiality these days

Google is under pressure to change its translation tool after it emerged it automatically replaces the word 'gay' with homophobic slurs like 'f****t', 'poof', 'queen' and 'fairy'.

More than 50,000 people have have signed a petition demanding the U.S. web giant re-programmes its translate system, which is used by 500million people every month.

When translating 'gay' from English into Spanish, French or Portuguese Google Translate comes back with 'f****t,' 'poof,' 'fairy' and 'dyke' as synonyms.

Google has apologised and said it is working to fix the problem, but MailOnline can reveal the translate system is still bringing up hateful words.

Campaigners from equality group All Out made the shocking discovery that Google was using hateful insults instead of neutral language for 'gay'.

When the Russian word for 'gay' is translated into English, some of the results thrown up include 'pansy boy', 'fairy' and 'sodomite.'

Gay rights group Stonewall have said the translation tool has revealed how much of a problem homophobic language is.

A spokesman said: ‘This demonstrates how commonly offensive slur words are used online to describe lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people.


The translations from Russian are probably accurate.  Russians don't mince words when talking about homosexuality.  It is greatly despised in Russia


Use the Name, Luke said...

"Gay" is "neutral language"? And here I thought the homosexuals (the true neutral word) had started using it to make the lifestyle sound positive!

Anonymous said...

So as a matter of interest, how is "nigger" translated?
But anyways, how is 'gay" in its many mutated forms and meanings (from "homosexual" to "silly")dealt with in such auto-translations??

Malcolm Smith said...

It reminds me of a website by a person fluent in Chinese about the weird signs known as "Chinglish". His opinion is that the manager tells his staff to put up a sign in English, and it eventually devolves to some lowly minion who cannot speak English at all. He therefore uses an automatic-translation computer program. Chinese words, of course, have many shades of meaning. The author points out that many of the strange forms of Chinglish are, in fact, word for word translations from the Chinese, but usually not the most appropriate translation for the context.
A major issue is the word gan, meaning "do", but it has a whole lot of subsidiary meanings, one of which is a four letter word beginning with "f". For some reason, this seems to be the default translation. Using one of these translation programs, he typed in the Chinese sentence for "What do you want to do?", and out came the translation, "What do you want to f***?'

Bird of Paradise said...

More proof that gays are a bunch on intollreent radicals

Anonymous said...

If the LGBT community didn't corrupt the English language by hijacking word meanings then there would be no problem. They are the cause of all these issue with translations. If the stuck with homosexual then there would be no problem. As for transgender and all the others just sue heterosexually challenged.

Anonymous said...

6:12 PM is typically very ignorant - "gay" was a demeaning term used AGAINST homosexuals as it was earlier used to describe gay-ly attired female prostitutes.
So yeah, blame the victims, why not!!
(The "gays" just tried to neutralize the term by embracing it, just as some have tried to with "queers".)

Anonymous said...

3:45 AM is a typical leftie. Create victims from those who choose to use terms that they accuse others of being bigoted just like the blacks using nigga. If it is banned for one it should be banned for all. Social equity and all that BS you lefties bang on about. I don't give a rat's arse what sexuality someone is but don't tell me that I can't use the same words they use.

Anonymous said...

10:11 PM is a typical paranoid who sees everything he doesn't like as coming from a "leftie", and 3:54 never suggested you couldn't use the term "gay" as Gays do themselves, especially as it's now considered a neutral or even friendly term for homosexuals.