Monday, January 19, 2015

Weight loss expert under fire for launching Tell A Friend They're Fat Day

A weight loss expert has been slammed by plus-size campaigners for his new project: Warn A Friend They're Fat Day.

TV star Steve Miller, presenter of the TV show Fat Families, had designated today as the day for Britons to tell close friends or family members that they are overweight.

But the move has been widely criticised, with members of the plus-size community saying the scheme amounts to fat-shaming and bullying.

Steve floated the idea of Warn A Friend They're Fat Day late last year and even wrote a letter to the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt about the issue.   The idea is for people to bring up the issue of obesity with a close friend or family member who is overweight.

The person would then offer to become an exercise buddy if their friend does decide to try and shift some pounds as a result of the conversation. 

Steve claims that the initiative could save thousands of lives.  He told FEMAIL: 'This day is about saving lives, it is absolutely not about humiliating people.

'I know that the word fat sounds harsh but when you use that word, people take notice - if you wrap the issue up in cotton wool, it doesn't work.'



stinky said...

Fat people already know they're fat, they don't need to be told.

The real problem is all the govt propaganda (e.g. eat more carbs and grains and less saturated fat) which pretty much guarantees that the harder they try to lose weight, the more they fail, till they give up in disgust and blame their well-evolved genes instead.

Anonymous said...

Bullseye stinky! As usual, we have government knows best types telling us not to eat saturated fats like butter and coconut oil. Instead we should eat industrially engineered oils and margarine which turn out to be loaded with trans fats. Saturated fats like butter satisfy the appetite so you stop eating. Carbs do the opposite and you keep eating. The carbs trigger an insulin response which tells your body to store the excess as fat. This has been known for years but the government is still preaching "low fat" which equals high carb.

Bird of Paradise said...

Tell a liberal THEIR HYPOTCRITS day

Anonymous said...

'Fat-shaming' is a joke.
We 'shame' all sorts of people for unhealthy behaviour.
We 'shame' the slothful, we 'shame' the smokers, we 'shame' drinkers, we 'shame' the religious quite often.
Why would this behaviour be exempt?