Friday, January 02, 2015

Must not refer to African Americans in woodpiles

Older people must learn that the normal expressions of their youth are now WRONG!

A deputy mayor is at the centre of a 'racism' storm after comparing flood prevention action to a 'n***** in a woodpile' at a council meeting.

Conservative councillor Michael Thierry used the term during a discussion at Ringwood Town Council in Hampshire, about clearing ditches to help alleviate problems with flooding.

But after making the remark, he caused fellow councillors to gasp and mutter before adding: 'My apologies to everybody concerned. It was not intentional.

Following the meeting, Ringwood mayor Councillor Barbara Woodifield said she and her fellow councillors were 'appalled' by the comment and admitted she had spoken to Councillor Thierry about the incident.

She said: 'It is extremely regrettable that Councillor Thierry made such a comment and it in no way reflects any of the opinions and views of Ringwood Town Council, its councillors or its staff.

'That said, Councillor Thierry is most contrite and has apologised unreservedly for any upset caused to those present and those people who will now read this article - it was an uncharacteristic ill-thought-out comment rather than any malicious intent.'

The phrase is a dated figure of speech or metaphor used to describe a hidden fact or problem.  It originated in the American deep south in the mid-19th century and was used to describe fugitive slaves who hid in piles of firewood as they fled north to Canada.



Olaf Koenders said...

Better not say "Throw that faggot on the fire" if nobody knows the original meaning.. ;)

No, stuff it.. Say it loud and often, for any reason. To hell with 'em!

Hinchey said...

It may actually refer to the fake logs or coal containing explosives put into wood piles used for steamships as an act of sabotage during the American civil war

Olaf Koenders said...



BRITISH - a ball or roll of seasoned chopped liver, baked or fried.

a bundle of sticks bound together as fuel.

NORTH AMERICAN - informaloffensive
a male homosexual.

BRITISH - informal, dated
an unpleasant or contemptible woman.

Anonymous said...

And the short form "fag" in Brit Eng is slang for :-

1. a cigarette

2. a tedious task

3. a junior boy in a boarding school doing menial tasks for a senior (now obsolete)