Sunday, February 01, 2015

British singer James Blunt upsets gay people with joke about soap in the showers

The joke is an allusion to the prevalence of homosexuality in British private schools.  Apparently Blunt is supposed to like that.  He went to Harrow

James Blunt has been accused of homophobia after joking about 'picking up the soap' in the showers around fellow public schoolboys including David Cameron and Boris Johnson.

The pop star faced a backlash after posting the comment online alongside a magazine front cover of himself under the words: 'Does it pay to be to posh'.

The group were pictured sipping champagne and wearing white tie evening dress on the cover of the New Statesman, to go with an article on privilege and success.

Blunt, 40, posted the image on Twitter and then joked: 'I won't be picking up the soap when this party moves to the showers.'

Gay rights charity Stonewall condemned the Old Harrovian's comments.

A spokesman said: 'Although James might have been joking, it's this sort of language that perpetuates negative stereotypes around gay men and gets deemed as acceptable as it becomes ingrained in society.'

Twitter users were also unimpressed. Lisa Gifford wrote: 'Just when I thought James Blunt couldn't be any more repugnant, he manages to put homophobia and a rape joke together.'



Anonymous said...

Dropping soap in the showers has more to do with prisons and hetero dominance hierarchies there than in posh private schools.

Anonymous said...

If homosexual behavior is so "normal" why can't you joke about it like every other issue which relates to "normal" people.

Anonymous said...

At least homosexuals don't go round shooting and blowing up people who mock them, unlike certain religious folks.

slinky said...

If they can't take a joke, phuck them.

Anonymous said...

Tell him to buy soap-on-a-rope and stop bitching.

Bird of Paradise said...

Do liberal use rainbow gay soap?