Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lightning flashes incorrect

A University students' union has been forced to apologise after using a Nazi SS victory symbol to advertise a German-themed drinking event.

Dozens of students at Aberystwyth University complained after spotting the resemblance between the double lightning bolt on the Bierkeller advert and the Siegrune used by Hitler's bodyguard.

University chiefs insisted the logo was accidentally used to separate Welsh and English text on the poster for the sold-out night and removed it from the Facebook event.

But students branded the organisers 'insensitive and inappropriate' for using a poster which glorified the brutal fighting force responsible for the Holocaust and other crimes against humanity.



Anonymous said...

Looks like even zig-zags can never be used again in any context!

Anonymous said...

Never mind that the Nazi's stole all of their imagery from other sources, because they utilized it those images can never be used again. This so absurd it is mind boggling.