Thursday, February 26, 2015

Must not joke about security frisking

A high-ranking corrections officer has been sacked after joking on Facebook that he had been 'groped' by guards during a tour of prisons.

Former state trooper Michael Allred had accompanied his boss, the secretary of the Maryland Department of Public Safety Stephen Moyer, on a tour of prison facilities in Jessup, Maryland on Wednesday.

Later that day he posted on Facebook: 'Visiting the prisons ... haven't been groped this much since the flight on the honeymoon ... and this is just the guards!'

Incredibly Allred tagged both his boss Moyer, and 'Maryland House of Correction' in the post which quickly circulated among other prison officers.

A statement  posted on the Department of Correctional Services website confirmed that Allred had been dismissed for 'inappropriate comments made on social media'.

'AFSCME members believe that Michael Allred's social media comments were inappropriate and insulting to 7,200 Maryland correctional officers,' AFSME said in a statement.

'The secretary has the utmost respect for correctional officers and requires all employees to respect the department, their authority, and their peers,' the department said on its website.



Anonymous said...

Some people just do not know when to keep their "jokes" to themselves.

Anonymous said...

Today's society has lost all of it's sense of humor, everything is offensive these days. It is now officially boring as hell.

Bird of Paradise said...

Whiney whiney liberals WHINE,WHINE,WHINE

John Mill said...

Yep, no joking allowed anymore.
Sad and dull is all that is permitted.

Anonymous said...

The comment may be somewhat inappropriate as Allred was hired as a liaison between the Maryland Public Safety and Corrections Secretary and the police / corrections officer. It was not a good way to start off a relationship between two agencies.

Is it a joke worthy of termination?

Not even close.

There is background to this story. The Department of Corrections has been under tremendous fire in Baltimore for not only inappropriate behavior but for crimes such as rape, assault, theft, etc.

In my opinion, the outrage expressed by the Correction Officers' union was not so much about the "joke," but rather to get the attention off of the indictments, trials, convictions and sentencing union members are going through.