Friday, February 20, 2015

NZ Pork producers under fire for jocular advertising campaign which calls on men to 'give mums a night off cooking'

A new advertisement campaign telling men to 'man up, put on an apron' in order to 'give mums a night off' is under fire for pushing an outdated and sexist message.

The intention behind New Zealand Pork's television and Facebook ads appear to have been to send up sexism, stating: 'there are more women in New Zealand's workforce today than ever before but men are still not putting on an apron and doing their share of cooking'.

However it clearly backfired, with social media users taking to Twitter and Facebook to criticise the campaign, dubbing it 'sexist' and an 'embarrassment'.

Recipe names include the likes of 'your big pork balls', with a glossary definition for the words 'recipe book' being 'the thing your wife stands on to reach things'.

One of the instruction for a Pork Belly recipe states: 'Throw it in a 170 degree oven and watch a Grand Slam Final of women's tennis (roughly 30 minutes)' while the other instructions measure time in how long it takes to drink a beer - 15 minutes, according to the ad.



Use the Name, Luke said...

These poor, poor leftists. So angry, bitter, and totally lacking any sense of humor or joy.

Come to the light side. We know how to have fun!

Bird of Paradise said...

Time for the kiwis to show the door to the liberal turkeys