Friday, February 13, 2015

An impolite techie

A day after apologizing for making insensitive remarks on Twitter, the technology chief of Jeb Bush's presidential campaign-in-waiting has resigned.

In one tweet posted in 2009 and since deleted, Czahor wrote, "new study confirms old belief: college female art majors are sluts, science majors are also sluts but uglier."

He praised Martin Luther King Jr., saying that the civil rights leader "didn't have his pants sagged to his ankles, and he wasn't delivering his speech in `jibberish' or `slang."'



Anonymous said...

Why would anyone post such offensive thoughts on a public medium ?

stinky said...

I've noticed this a lot w/the kids lately; an outright urge to say the least politically correct thing they can.

Part of it is the usual urge to rebel and shock at that age. But a lot of it is a rebellion against, and disgust with, political correctness in general.

This guy should have been old enough to know better, but habits die hard.

Anonymous said...

I can understand why it would be considered offensive. Everyone knows female Arts students are part of the boiler suit brigade with hairy armpits to repel any would be suitors.