Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Young woman forgets that only blacks can use the n-word

Kate Moss's model sister has been forced to apologise after sending an 'ill thought-out' tweet using the N-word.  Lottie Moss, 17, took to her account at 4am last night to tweet a lyric from Chris Brown's song Loyal which includes the offensive word.

She went on to tell her 7,000 followers how it had been a 'successful night' because she had thrown a drink over her ex-boyfriend.

The tweet, sent at 4am, featured a lyric from a Chris Brown song which included the offensive word

She tweeted: 'I just want a monkey,' adding afterwards: 'When a rich n***a want ya and ur girl can't do nothing for ya'.

A spokesman for the model told MailOnline that Lottie was 'hugely apologetic'.  She said: 'Lottie unfortunately made an ill-thought out use of a song lyric, and she is hugely apologetic if any offence has been caused.'



Stan B said...

God what a world where quoting someone's words is an offense because you aren't a member of the "right" minority. The insanity is just breathtaking.

Anonymous said...

Where is the outrage over the song lyric sites that quote this crap online? Are they all run by blacks? Have they been exempted by the PC elite?

Bird of Paradise said...

Nuts,Nitwits and Nazis