Monday, February 23, 2015

Former Conservative candidate quits the party after calling feminists 'left-wing lesbo-groupies' on Twitter

Feminists are indeed generally Leftist and a lot of feminists are admitted lesbians so the man's biggest fault was realism

A former Conservative candidate has resigned from the party after calling a group of feminists 'left-wing lesbo-groupies' on social media.

Nick Morris, who describes himself as a Conservative 'activist', went on to call them 'cretins' in a later tweet.

He made the comments in response to a post by feminist campaigner @LiraelClayr who was tweeting about a campaign against male violence towards women. 

In the tweet, Mr Morris, who stood as a Conservative candidate for Sheffield Richmond in the 2004 Sheffield City Council elections said: 'Frankly I really dont care what you and leftwing lesbo-groupies think.'[sic]

Following a backlash on Twitter, Mr Morris hastily deleted the offensive tweets and his account. He later issued a statement apologising for his remarks.



Anonymous said...

He should not have apologised. If the truth hurts, tough s***.

Bird of Paardise said...

He is no longer a conservative he isa liberal apppoligising like that