Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Must not even mention the KKK

Even if you are trying to be anti-racist.  The sensitive petals feel "threatened" even at the mention of it

A University of Iowa vice president repeatedly defended UI's initial statement and later response to the removal of a controversial sculpture on the UI Pentacrest on Dec. 5, even amid criticism that the statement inaccurately described the artist's intentions and undermined the university's commitment to free speech.

Before issuing UI's statement at 12:20 p.m. Dec. 5, vice president for student life Tom Rocklin spoke with the artist, visiting art professor Serhat Tanyolacar. Rocklin also had received information explaining that Tanyolacar intended his public artwork to be a critique of ongoing racial violence in the U.S., according to emails and other correspondence released by UI last week.

"I have learned a lot from listening to students over the last few days," Rocklin wrote to UI law professor Alexander Somek on Dec. 9. "While I understood that I would view the piece through the lens of my own privilege, hearing the students pour out their hearts as they described the fear they felt when the saw the piece was a visceral reminder that intent is only part of the question ... and sometimes impact trumps intent."



Anonymous said...

Suppression of free speech in support of free speech.
Got it. Out of the mouths of professional "educators" another whooping load of bs.

Anonymous said...

The real reason they do not want this is they do not want people researching the KKK. They may find out the truth, like the fact that they were democrats who hated blacks and wanted to keep them from voting.

BTW the NRA was started to ARM blacks so they could protect themselves from the KKK!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:13,

Censorship is the reaction of the ignorant to freedom!

Bird of Paradise said...

The KKK founded by Slave Owning Demacrats their afraid of the truth

Anonymous said...

It appears the Democrats still own the black population since the vast majority of blacks vote Democrat.

Bird of Paradise said...

Anon. Their still slaves to the demac-RAT party