Friday, February 06, 2015

British supermarket cancels 'Rear of the Year' awards ceremony for staff after complaints it was 'offensive'

Once again, references to physical attractiveness are incorrect

A Sainsbury's store which planned to hand out awards for 'sexiest' female and male workers and staff 'rear of the year' has now cancelled the event after complaints.

Supermarket workers in Ely, Cambridgeshire were set to hold an Oscars-style award night at a local venue as a fun night out for employees.

The planned event had 17 awards up for grabs including the titles of 'Mr/Mrs Chatterbox', 'Pure Banter', 'Hard Grafter' and 'Longest Tea Breaker'.

Organisers even planned a red carpet with a photographer and told guests to dress smartly.

But four of the categories - 'Rear of the Year Male', 'Sexiest Male', 'Rear of the Year Female' and 'Sexiest Female' - caused upset among staff and their families.

The fiancee of one employee, who asked not to be named, tweeted a photo of the leaflet promoting the night and said: 'Does this leave a bad taste in your mouth too, or have I lost my sense of humour?'

She later added: 'I found the categories, particularly the ones about which colleague was the sexiest or had the best bottom, extremely offensive.

Sainsbury's said the awards night was organised locally and was cancelled as soon as objections were raised



Anonymous said...

'Does this leave a bad taste in your mouth too, or have I lost my sense of humour?'

Probably a Liberal and never had any sense of humor.

stinky said...

What a wimpy response.

Anonymous said...

1:23 She must have had a vey large rear!

John Mill said...

Sounds like the 'Dundies'