Sunday, February 22, 2015

Clothing manufacturer forced to apologise for putting jokey 'Give it to your mum - it's her job' on washing label

An Italian clothing manufacturer has been accused of sexism after selling fashion items complete with washing instructions reading: 'Give it to your mum - it's her job'.

Politician Federica Mazzoni, who works at the equality commission at the legislative assembly in the country's Emilia-Romagna region, was incensed when a friend bought a cardigan for her son from the Shoeshine clothing brand and found the offensive label.

Ms Mazzoni, 28, has now lodged a formal complaint with Italy's advertising council the IAP - although the company that distributes Shoeshine clothing, Unipersonale, has dismissed the controversial washing instructions as 'a simple joke aimed at teenagers'.

Beneath a list of ordinary washing instructions including 'Machine wash cold' and 'Do not dry clean' the Democratic Party MP found the English language instruction: 'Or give it to your mum, it's her job'.


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Anonymous said...

Some people have no life and exist only to annoy people with a sense of humour.