Monday, February 16, 2015

Chicago local candidate was too jocular

A civil rights group is calling out 43rd Ward candidate Jen Kramer for a series of tweets sent from her personal Twitter handle that the group said are offensive.

The more than a dozen tweets from Kramer's personal account include racial references to a pedicurist and driving in Cabrini-Green, among others.

The tweets were brought to light by The Civil Rights Agenda, a civil rights advocacy organization founded by Jacob Meister.

"These tweets are not illegal. However, they are inappropriate, they show poor judgment and a lack of respect for other people that is offensive and just plain wrong," said Anthony Martinez, executive director of the civil rights group.

"I clearly said some things on my social media feed several years ago that I shouldn't have," Kramer said. "But the notion that I am insensitive to gay rights is just patently false."

Kramer noted her work with Special Olympics Chicago, the Gay Games, the AIDS foundation and Gay Pride Parade.


You can read the comments at the link.  They are lighthearted but do either implicitly or explicitly mention minority groups, which is a BIG no-no.  Must not laugh "inappropriately"


Anonymous said...

Homosexuals already have equal rights; they want special privileges for their perverse sexual activities.

Anonymous said...

3:17 AM : you mean like the special privileges that heterosexuals have for their perverse sexual activities?!

slinky said...

Hey 3:14, you make me laugh.

Bird of Paradise said...

Gays and minorities already has too many rights and prilages