Monday, February 09, 2015

Argentinian president writes racist tweet poking fun at stereotypical Chinese pronunciation… during state visit to China

She's a dim Peronist (Far Leftist)

Argentinian President Cristina Kirchner has come under fire for posting a racist tweet poking fun at stereotypical Chinese pronunciation during a visit to the country aimed at strengthening relations.

Kirchner, who is facing questions in her own country over the death of a prosecutor who had accused her of helping to cover up a terrorist bombing, replaced the letter R with L in a tweet mocking the accent of the people she was meeting during the state visit on Wednesday.

This resulted in the post, which it appears was supposed to suggest the 1,000 people at the event had only attended for the 'rice and petroleum', reading: 'are they here only for the lice and petloleum?' in an attempt to mimic the Chinese pronunciation.

She seemed to make matters worse when she said 'sorry' and the 'ridiculous and absurd' situation should be 'digested with humour'.


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Anonymous said...

Liberals have no understanding of humor.