Sunday, February 22, 2015

Must not compare Greece to a kebab

The BBC has been criticised for stereotyping by using a kebab to explain Greece's potential exit from the eurozone. 

The news report explores how Greece might leave the EU - the so-called 'Grexit' - by comparing Greece to a kebab.

It comes as eurozone finance ministers are gathering in Brussels for make-or-break talks that could see Greece break away from the EU.

In the report by BBC journalist Dougal Shaw, he says: 'To understand this let's think of a more familiar kind of Greek exit. Let's do it with one of the Mediterranean's finest exports, the kebab.

Viewers took to Twitter to criticise the BBC saying it was stereotyping by using the analogy of the kebab.  Steve Giddens, a journalist, said: 'Grexit explained with a kebab - nice to see the BBC are not succumbing to racial stereotyping.'

University professor and author Stephen Westland wrote on: 'Greek euro exit explained - with kebab. Quite a pathetic analogy. You can do better BBC!'



Anonymous said...

Next time use Ouzo instead.

Anonymous said...

So now analogies are not allowed?