Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Must not show interest in women's looks

A woman police chief has come under fire for defending a colleague who described a shooting victim’s fiancee as ‘some bit of skirt’.

Colette Paul, Bedfordshire’s chief constable, said the comment – made by a male officer during a fly-on-the-wall TV documentary about Luton Police Station – was ‘office banter’.

The first episode follows the arrest and questioning of a suspect in the shooting of accountant Atif Ali. Mr Ali, who was innocent of any wrongdoing, was blasted with a sawn-off shotgun by a hitman hired by a love rival.

In the Channel 4 programme, Detective Constable Gary Hales is shown referring to Mr Ali’s then fiancee as ‘some bit of skirt’.

He is later filmed saying to colleagues: ‘What’s this girl like then? Is she a bit of a looker? Why would you want to do 15 years in prison?’

Mrs Paul admitted ‘wincing’ when she watched the footage, but insisted: ‘It’s forgivable but not what I would want someone to say. It’s banter in a working environment.

Mr Ali, who needed surgery after being shot in the leg, told the Mail he felt ‘sick’ at the comments. He added: ‘If this is true, then I don’t accept it is banter. It is highly disrespectful from someone who is supposed to uphold the highest morals and ethics.’



slinky said...

Did you hear about the man who was cooled to absolute zero? He's OK now.

Bird of Paradise said...

Oogling soon to be a crime

Anonymous said...

With the prevalence of cameras and videos around soon no-one will be able to say anything except the blandest of comments.

Anonymous said...

Like the military, police are drawn from a cross section of the community. Get over it.

Stan B said...

Police are not supposed to uphold some high "moral standard." It would be nice if they were, provided it was MY moral standards, and not some nutjob who thinks women walking alone outside need to be killed.

There is nothing unethical about his comments, provided he treats all people the same, regardless of whether they are a bit of a skirt or not.