Thursday, September 04, 2014


A large sign that read “Send ‘Em Home” along with the prominent hashtags #Trail_of_Tears and #GOPOKES has been decried as racist hate speech on social media by some, with others just calling it not well thought out and insensitive.

Florida State’s Seminoles play OSU’s cowboys today.gameday

The sign, held aloft by seven fans who appear to be students, with dozens of others standing in the background, was seen during ESPN’s College GameDay show and “took place on the Cherokee National Holiday where tribal members celebrate the signing of their constitution and commemorate the 175th anniversary of the Trail of Tears, the forced march from the Southeast to Oklahoma that killed thousands of Native Americans,” reports Oklahoma’s News on 6.

Comments on social media are overwhelming negative, such as:

“only racist white people would make a hashtag out of #trail_of_tears”TrailofTears

First time in 29 years I have been embarrassed to be an @okstate fan. It includes living through “Poke Choke” many times #trail_of_tears

Hey dummies! OSU! You’re in Indian Territory! Poor and shameful sign! Get a clue!  #trail_of_tears

Comments under some news stories on the subject have different takes, however:

All they meant was send Florida State home crying. Geez…

It’s a game for crying out loud!! It’s SUPPOSED to be an intimidating sign! I guess it worked! Somebody WHINED.

It’s amazing in our free country (how) much we have to watch what we say!!


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Bird of Paradise said...

We no longer have universities and collages anymore their indoctriation centers for Big Brother