Monday, September 15, 2014

More on Levenson's self-immolation

Comment from a reader.  (See post here of 10th)

Hysteria over Levenson's E mail etc is NOT being taken in context.

Indeed, only person I knew who took on this issue head on was retiring talk show host Neal Boortz:

He laid it on thick why the Atlanta football team left "Turner Stadium" in CNN Peachtree district:

Fans were and are harassed by "Gang Bangers" - unruly Blacks. Move to suburbs was economic necessity.

Levenson is smarter than pundits give him credit for: he sees the same thing as Boortz does, for Basketball; civilized people don't like to go to games if harassed by Blacks. So Levenson is picking the right moment for some multi cult fool to pay big dollars for a franchise where fans don't want to go.


Anonymous said...

The team will suffer financially as it becomes a team only favored by one type of culture. Sponsors will flee as the fans do. I wouldn't be surprised that its eventual financial downfall is decried by what ever opportunistic race baiters happen to be around at the time.

Anonymous said...

College ball is far more exciting to watch and they actually use this thing called teamwork. Watching millionaire ball hogs who act like thugs and who's only skill is putting a ball into a basket is a waste of my time.

Bird of Paradise said...

Time to run the Gangbangers out of america