Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Firemen Say They Were Sent Home for Refusing to Remove Patriotic Stickers

Four suburban Chicago firefighters say they were suspended after refusing to remove patriotic stickers posted on their helmets and lockers.  The Maywood firefighters say they were ordered to go home for refusing to remove stickers of American flags after their fire chief implemented a ban on all stickers.

"I'm floored that he would even consider this two days before 9/11," said firefighter Dan McDowell. "It's ridiculous."

Some said the stickers were sentimental.  "My dad served here for 26 years, an ex-Marine, ex-Vietnam vet," said Dave Flowers, Jr. "I took his locker."

Flowers said he was ordered to take a sticker off his locker or he would face discipline.  "We are the first African-American father and son on the Maywood Fire Department," Flowers said. "It has sentimental value."

Don Albanese agreed to remove several stickers, including a memorial flag from his helmet, but kept an American flag on his locker.  "I said, 'You know what? The one thing I won't do is I'm not going to remove the flag on my locker,'" he said. "No one sees it but us. We're all brothers here."

The firefighters said they were shocked to hear they couldn't keep their patriotic stickers.  "You'd be hard-pressed to find a firefighter who doesn't have strong feelings about 9/11," McDowell said.


The fired firemen have now been reinstated


Bird of Paradise said...

Bring a lawsuit against the firechief can his fat hide right there and return this bldheaded scum sucker back to where he came from

Anonymous said...

The Chief wanted to get rid of a sticker that was in the back of the station on a locker.

He can't just ban or remove that sticker because like it or not, someone could scream "FIRST AMENDMENT!! CENSORSHIP!"

Because he was removing the sticker based on the content, the person complaining might have a really good case.

So the Chief did what the law and court cases have said to do - ban the item irrespective of the content.

He therefore banned all stickers which meant he was banning stickers of US flags.

The fireman responded with "you're not the boss of me!" and also said that the original sticker wasn't that offensive and besides, no one but "the guys saw it."

Yeah, like THAT excuse will ever work.

The question I want to know is whether there would be an uproar if the fireman had on flags of other nations? Would a Mexican flag be acceptable to wear? Puerto Rico? How about an Christian flag? ISIL flag?

The uniforms the fire department has are all designed ant approved for a reason. If a person thinks they need to have a flag sticker on their helmet while wearing one on their shoulder, maybe the message is being lost.

Go Away Bird said...

Annon 10:25 Your probibly right this fire chief idiot probibly would have allowed mexican flag stickers. Thats why he needs to go

Anonymous said...

Your probibly right this fire chief idiot probibly would have allowed mexican flag stickers.

Of course, that statement is contrary to the facts as he outlawed all stickers, but hey, stick with your delusions.

Fantasy is so much better than reality.