Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Political correctness slays another NBA business career

The insanity of liberal political correctness just claimed another victim. This time it is Bruce Levenson, owner of the Atlanta Hawks NBA team.

Levenson “self-reported” to the NBA that because he “wrote an email two years ago that was inappropriate and offensive,” he has decided to sell his interest in the basketball team. Are you kidding me? If this politically correct foolishness continues, pretty soon almost every American will have to “self-report” for saying or writing something inappropriate and offensive at one point in their lives and then resign.

While Levenson only referred to his email as “inappropriate and offensive,” the media instantly labeled it “racist.” Well, there you go. All of this, of course, follows in the wake of former NBA owner Donald Sterling’s “racist” phone call with his mistress.

Levenson’s entire email is online for all to read. As he says, it’s rambling. To Abdul-Jabbar’s point, parts of it are business-related, parts are cringe-worthy, parts are ignorant, parts are contradictory, and parts are, if anything, assigning a racist motive to Southern whites for being uncomfortable in an arena that is “70 percent black.”

Is Levenson a racist? I doubt it. Should he resign because he wrote an email that was “inappropriate and offensive?” No. Again, almost all of us are guilty of such conduct at least once in our lives, and most deserve a second chance.


The full email is here


stinky said...

Looked more like a marketing document to me; i.e. we need to attract whites as well as blacks in order to make this team profitable, so how might we do that better?

Bird of Paradise said...

Political Correctness just another name for Socialism and liberal scum suckers are those kind of socialists scum suckers

Anonymous said...

His comments may have been offensive to some but I wouldn't call them racist but realistic. He is trying to run a business and to that he needs to appeal to a market that will pay a premium price for his product. That market is not necessarily your local black community.

Anonymous said...

I agree with stinky. This guy "self reports" on an email he wrote several years ago? Completely don't buy it and completely not impressed.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that he did this because he saw Donald Sterling's lousy Clippers team sell for two billion dollars and deduced that it was almost certainly in part due to the Sterling scandal?

Could it be that Levenson is being nothing more than a shrewd, albeit shameless, businessman, and merely trying any trick in the book to raise the value of his property before being "forced" (by his own actions) to sell it?

Anonymous said...

I have very little sympathy for those who are offended. Usually they are being offended on behalf of someone else who really does not care one way or the other.

Go Away Bird said...

I get so tired of these whinning little wanks who get offended over something that's common inn america if they dont like it they can either ignore it or leave the country

Jerry Doctor said...

Anon (11:57)-
Nailed it!

Flu-Bird said...

Political Correctness(PC)just another word for SOCIALISM/COMMUNISM