Tuesday, September 23, 2014

AL: Judge repeals First Amendment

A state court judge sided with Alabama Gas Corp. and blocked the Montgomery Advertiser from publishing information about the utility's plan for gas line safety, which the Alabama Public Service Commission released through an open records request.

Jefferson County Circuit Judge Robert S. Vance granted a request by Alagasco to temporarily prevent the Montgomery Advertiser from publishing information from the plan. Court records show Vance ruled a week ago — on the same day Alagasco made the request to block publication — before the newspaper had a chance to respond.

The paper has since objected to the ban, and Vance issued an order Thursday saying he would hold a hearing Monday on whether his order should stand.

The newspaper argued in court documents that Vance's ban on publication is a case of unconstitutional prior restraint, in which the government blocks information from being published.



Bird of Paradise said...

Another leftists imperial judge who needs to get the boot in the seat of their pants

Anthony Billings said...

My first thought was that the company made certain financial promises to the judge in question, either personally or to his re-election campaign.

Go Away Bird said...

Someone please remove Judge Stalin from the bench

slinky said...

Typical right wing Alabama. I'm glad I moved away from that cesspool.