Thursday, September 11, 2014

Arab magnifies encounter with mental ill man into "Islamophobia"

A recent incident between an Arab-American activist and a mentally ill homeless man is being distorted by the national media and left-wing activists, say residents of the Brooklyn community of Bay Ridge.

Last Wednesday afternoon, Palestinian-American Linda Sarsour allegedly had a run-in with a well-known local street person as she exited the Arab-American Association of New York’s headquarters on Fifth Avenue in Bay Ridge. According to the Huffington Post, activist Sarsour “noticed a man leaning up against its storefront.”

A more recent article in the Daily News says Sarsour’s alleged assailant, 45-year-old Brian Boshell, “was sleeping on the street in Bay Ridge, blocking their organization’s entryway.” Either way, an employee of the Association, of which Sarsour is the executive director, called 911; but before the NYPD arrived, the man became belligerent. He stood up and allegedly shouted, “you are cutting people’s heads off sharmoota. I’m going to cut off you head and see how your people will feel, you Arab b****.” He then threw a New York City garbage can into the street, according to a police report.

And who is Brian Boshell, the bigot so full of hatred towards Muslims and Arabs? This man.

Boshell is a mentally ill homeless man widely known in Bay Ridge for his public, incoherent outbursts, which resulted in 56 arrests and 34 minor convictions. Police are familiar with his flare-ups, which have been irksome but not dangerous. The picture above shows him sleeping in a bank on Fifth Avenue, a few blocks away from the Arab-American Association. He is known to “sleep where he falls,” as one resident put it.

The community isn’t buying the story the mainstream media and Sarsour are spinning. A 30-year resident of Bay Ridge, who requested anonymity, tells National Review Online, “Instead of an incident with a drunk man, [Sarsour] is using this as her final proof of Islamaphobia in America . . . 

Brian [Boshell] has a 25-year history of outbursts . . .  There is a lot that’s questionable about her not knowing who he was.”


Interesting that he knew the Arabic word for bitch (sharmoota).  Maybe it has become a common insult in parts of NYC


Anonymous said...

"Islamophobia" is the cry from the Muslims' persecution-complex, and validates their view of martyrdom as a religious goal (hence 9/11); but the persecution-&-martyrdom-complex (and its obvious relation to masochism) is also a basic feature of Christian history, at least re hagiology, but also re some Christians today when their hitherto social privileges and status are challenged by secular pressures.

Anonymous said...

"Homeless" in NYC looks pretty well fed and clean in this photo. Since he is not a voting democrat his mental health issues will not be addressed.


Bird of Paradise said...

The main-stream lie a day news media scum suckers the New York Slimes they grey lady is a wicked witch

Anonymous said...

From what we have been seeing done in the name of Islam recently I think islamophobia is justified in sane people as well. I don't see Muslims doing much about ISIS which is making Islam look even worse than it already is.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that so many Muslims suffer Anglophobia? This racist should be shown the departure lounge at JFK with a one way ticket and no passport. If she is so insecure she can always seek asylum in a Muslim country. I am sure that there would be fundraising for her ticket.

Go Away Bird said...

How about Liberalphobia brought about by too many liberals and their rediculous ideas