Monday, September 08, 2014

Google censorship again

The following appeared recently on Strange Justice:

On 9th June this year I received a note from Google advising me that they had taken a post on this blog down.  The post originally appeared on 8 September, 2012. The post reported that Pc Kyle Webber resigned from Central Scotland Police in May following allegations that he had sex with Sarah Mitchell, 23, described at the time as a former escort girl. The offence was committed on June 6, 2011 at Alloa Police Office.

Google did not say why the post was "infringing" but in any case I have no intention of reviving the post.  You can however read more about the matter here

Also see here


Anonymous said...

If you look at the Strange Justice site, he takes articles in their entirety from other sources and copies them word for word on his blog.

That is copyright infringement.

The author of the blog cannot copy entire articles from one site to another. That is long standing copyright law.

This appears to be a case where the blogger thinks that works of others can be used without their permission.

For a blog with the word "justice" in it, perhaps the guy should actually read copyright law and the "fair use" doctrine.

Bird of Paradise said...

And Der Fuhrer Obama just handed the internet over to the United Nations and Big Brother

Koby Webber said...

The original article you have stolen as your own has been removed off newspaper articles so really your posting something with no original reference. So either now making it up or have a problem! Get a life! 2 years old now moron