Friday, September 05, 2014

'Sexist' school girl advertising campaign for American Apparel banned by watchdog after they say images are 'gratuitous'

A shocking advertising campaign for fashion brand American Apparel has been banned for ‘sexualising school-age girls’.  Photographs of its ‘School Days’ range included a young woman bending over in an ultra- short tartan skirt with her white underwear on display.

In a scathing attack, the advertising watchdog labelled the campaign ‘gratuitous’ and ‘sexist’.  The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said ‘the focus was on her buttocks and groin rather than on the skirt being modelled’.

The brand launched its Back-to-School range earlier this month with the slogan, ‘Your first assignment is to dress accordingly.’

The campaign included pictures of a model bent over touching the ground, revealing her crotch and underwear, while another showed a woman bending over a red car in a thigh-skimming green tartan skirt and her buttocks on show.

The ASA said: ‘We considered the images were gratuitous and objectified women, and were therefore sexist and likely to cause serious and widespread offence.


It does seem a bit rude.  I doubt that we are ready for publicly displayed porn yet


Bird of Paradise said...

How about advertising standards that dont show men as idiots

Stan B said...

What the feminazis are mad at is NOT that American Apparel produces clothing like this, but that women BUY it and WEAR it and know exactly WHY they do, and don't care!

But since you can't attack women for playing into the whole "willing, sexy, schoolgirl" archetype to appeal to a male libido, we have to blame the men for the fact that young, attractive women are....well, young and attractive.

Go Away Bird said...

Gloria Steinem and her band of hags

Anonymous said...

They are upset precisely because they are not "young and attractive".