Sunday, September 14, 2014

Scotland: Pro-independence posters organising 'short walk to freedom' marches trigger backlash

There are a lot of extremists among Scottish nationalists and many HATE the English.  So they are campaigning hard to win the coming  referendum in favour of complete Scottish independence from England

Pro-independence campaigners are facing a backlash over "grossly distasteful" posters organising "short walk to freedom" marches on polling day.

Adverts urging Nationalists to "be Bravehearts" on September 18 and quoting Nelson Mandela and Abraham Lincoln have recently appeared in south Edinburgh.

The tagline echoes Mr Mandela's famous "long walk to freedom" after spending years incarcerated in prison before South Africa's first democratic elections after apartheid.

The adverts appear to be produced by a local branch of the official Yes Scotland campaign, but a spokesman from the nationwide HQ said he was not aware of the events.

Kezia Dugdale, Labour MSP for Lothians, where the posters appeared, told The Telegraph the adverts were "offensive" and organisers should "rethink" the plans.

"The poster compares Scotland's democratic debate with Mandela's march for freedom. Now I find that distasteful and offensive, but other people might find that intimidating," Ms Dugdale said.

"I just think it's an appalling comparison and it does a huge disservice to everybody who fought against apartheid.

"To suggest that there are parallels between what happened in South Africa with what's happening in Edinburgh today is just grossly distasteful."



Anonymous said...

Scotland is not only voting on independence from England but from the whole UK (United Kingdom), which also includes Wales and Northern Ireland, albeit England is the major partner in the "four country" union, and likes to think of itself as virtually synonymous with "the UK" or "Britain", and has always been very dismissive of Scotland as some fringe Celtic territory of little significance, but very dependent on England to survive. So next week will be the moment of truth!

Anonymous said...

Go Scotland.
I hope Texas is next to seek freedom.

Anonymous said...

While most of the oil discovered near Great Britain is in the waters off Scotland, the Scots have received only a small portion of the revenue. If they vote yes they may find themselves considerably more wealthy.

Anonymous said...

While I oppose separatism I do think that people need their attitudes adjusted.
Some people seem to only believe in literalism - metaphor and simile are incomprehensible to these people.

Anonymous said...

7:11 PM - if you "oppose separatism", I presume you would have been on the loyalist side in the American Revolution (whether or not you're an American).