Sunday, September 21, 2014

French government economy minister blunders by telling the truth

Apparently 20% of the workers at the place concerned ARE illiterate, probably because they are immigrants from Muslim lands

France's new economy minister is facing calls to quit after just two weeks in the job for calling female factory workers 'illiterate'. 

Former Rothschild banker Macron, 36, issued the insult on Europe 1 radio when asked about women workers at the bankrupt Gad abattoir near Paris.  He told listeners: 'In this company, there is a majority of women. Many of them are illiterate.

'Many of them have been told they have have no future in Gad or nearby, and they need to go and work 50 or 60 kilometres away.
'These people have no driving licences. What can one say to them?'

The new minister was swiftly attacked for his comments by left and right wing MPs.  Right wing member Marc Le Fur said: 'The prime minister should send Mr Macron back to Rothschild.'  The Force Ouvriere union leader Jean Marc Detivelle added: 'It's clear contempt for workers.'

Macron was forced to issue a grovelling recantation later on Wednesday, saying: 'My humblest apologies go to the workers who I may have hurt with this comment for which I can never be sorry enough.'



Anonymous said...

The truth has no place in a PC society. France is getting everything it deserves.

Anonymous said...

We are too here in the US anon 3:52.

Bird of Paradise said...

A lot of our politicians are illterate they cant read the U.S. Constitution and especialy for our dictator Obama

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's especially fun to watch our ditherer in chief delaying action against ISIS waiting for "Congressional approval" when only a month ago he was mocking his political opponents by saying he has a pen and a phone, implying he could do whatever he likes. He has no respect for our country or our constitution and we will all be better off when we are rid of him.