Sunday, September 28, 2014

'I'm no racist!' Hulk Hogan orders his new Florida beach restaurant to withdraw 'anti black' dress code that banned 'low hanging pants,' 'skull caps' and 'oversized jewelry'

He is famed for wearing bandanas as part of his everyday attire both in an out of the ring.

And wrestling legend Hulk Hogan has now ordered his new Florida restaurant to abandon what some claimed was a racist dress code that banned that very item of attire.

Other pieces of clothing that were not allowed at the Florida eatery Hogan's Beach, included 'low hanging pants,' 'skull caps' and 'oversized jewelry,' the latter again standing out as the WWE superstar is noted for wearing a large crucifix around his neck.

The Hulkster insisted to TMZ That he is not racist, and revealed he put in a personal call to the restaurant's managers insisting they took down the sign which listed the prohibited clothing, and which caused the ensuing media storm.

He said the dress code was modeled after ones used for pool parties in Las Vegas and Miami, though he conceded he understand why some people could have inferred it as targeting black people.


 Dress standards not allowed?


Anonymous said...

What is wrong with dressing reasonably? Why is there a need to look like the dregs of society?

Anonymous said...

How is that racist? Did the dress-code describe the traditional attire of some specific race or ethnic group, or even name it?

Anonymous said...

Clothes are not responsible for those that wear them incorrectly. Hulk is a PC pvssy.

Anonymous said...

Personally I am sick of people showing a plumbers crack when they aren't even bending over. They look like Walmartians.

slinky said...

"Hulk is a PC pvssy."

Spell pussy correctly, you pussy.

Bird of Paradise said...