Thursday, September 18, 2014

Health chief steps down after crude 'e-cig' rant on Twitter

He probably believes in global warming too. It is amazing how angry some people get when you disagree with them

Professor John Ashton stepped down as president of the Faculty of Public Health yesterday following a venomous spat on the social media site.

The doctor, who is strongly opposed to e-cigarettes, called one supporter a ‘c***’.

In another tweet he said: ‘These abusive ecig people remind me of the lads who used to play with themselves behind the bike sheds at school. 'They are even more pathetic than that. 'Need ecigs to get aroused.’

He had been involved in a debate about the merits and dangers of e-cigarettes.

Advocates say they help smokers quit, while objectors such as Prof Ashton – who want tighter controls – are concerned about their long-term effects.



stinky said...

It's about class warfare and class control, and e-cigs have allowed the lower classes to defeat the chattering classes on this issue. Chattering class members such as Ashton are quite butthurt about it, and it shows.

Bird of Paradise said...

Big Brother wants to control our lives and he is in the United Nations

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he is this vitriolic about regular cigarettes which instead of delivering one drug like the e - cigarette, real cigarettes deliver over 300 chemicals, many of which are carcinogenic. I think smoking is bad either way but I think the e - cigarette is certainly less harmful.

Anonymous said...

This clown can't demonstrate an open mind. It's his way or the highway. Wouldn't betting he believes in the global warming scam and abuses sceptics. No place in science or academia for people like that.

Go Away Bird said...

Now Michlle Obama needs to stay out of the cafateria's and school lunches

Anonymous said...

He's just jealous of those that he caught playing with themselves behind the shed. He'd watch but just couldn't get it up. Perpetual impotence. Which is why he likes to use force to control others. He's trying to over compensate for that limp shriveled useless piece of flesh between his legs. He's more pathetic than anyone else. His rage is just as impotent at his penis.

Anonymous said...

E-cigs are a great tool to help quit smoking. So what does the nanny state do?
Regulate them as tightly as cigarettes, if not more so.