Monday, September 15, 2014

Since when is speaking AT the same as speaking FOR?

The post below is from the far-Left "Daily Kos". They do not as yet know what Curry will say. But you must not even speak at some places. Just being in the company of conservatives discredits a person, apparently.  In Communist and Fascist regimes you could be executed for the company you keep, so it is nice to see what company the American Left keeps

Curry is actually a Warmist.  She just doubts that we know how severe the warming will be.  She allows that it could be trivial.  That is enough to get her cast into outer darkness however.  No debate permitted!  Science, data and facts no longer matter, only your politics.

Judith Curry, former Chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology was, until now, one of the few skeptics with a veneer of credibility.

But that is slated to change, as she will be featured in a George C. Marshall Institute event at The National Press Club. For those who are unaware, the Marshall Institute is a conservative "think tank" that began lobbying to support Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative. Over time the Institute shifted from Cold War hype to the downplaying of environmental threats, including the dangers of secondhand smoke, CFCs' effect on the ozone, and now climate change.

The Institute's event is titled "State of the Climate Debate" and will focus on the (supposedly) weakening case for human caused climate change as well as the link between extreme weather events and climate change, and the challenges of "deep climate uncertainty" for policymakers.

Perhaps the bigger story, however, is this event may be the last straw for Curry's dwindling credibility in academia. It's one thing to question the consensus or otherwise indirectly assist anti-climate science arguments. But to speak on behalf of a group heavily funded by fossil fuel companies and conservative donors—a group with a well-known 30 year history of distorting science for political aims—well that may just be career suicide. At least, academic career suicide. Unfortunately, if Curry has given up on respectability, this may just be the first of many such events.



Anonymous said...

The warmists like AL Gore, John Kerry, Barak Obama and others of the ilk are as much a danger to western society's survival as ISIL, China and Russia put together. For Gore it's money, for most of the others it's power. For Obama it's transforming the US into his view of solicist nirvana. The more that ACGW is debunked the more desperate and dangerous they become.

Anonymous said...

Surely for anyone who is interested in truth rather than politics the actual CONTENT of her speech is more important that who she is talking to?

Stan B said...

Anon 7:08PM - You, sir, are obviously one of her fellow travelers! I call on all left thinking people to properly re-educate you, so that you understand it's not the content of a man's character that matters, it's his (or her) allegiance to the party line!

Bird of Paradise said...

Most of the Hot Air comes from the mouths of the enviromentalists wackos like Grenpeace,Sierra Club,David Suzuki,Al Gore and the usial tree huggers gaia worshipers and eco-nut cases