Monday, September 29, 2014

Hardware firm penalized for using traditional description of lumber

A 2x4 is only 2" by 4" as rough timber.  When dressed, as it often is, it is smaller than that.  But it is still called a 2x4 in recognition that it is produced from a 2x4.  And there is no confusion.  The timber will always be described as rough or dressed in addition to the size description

Lowe’s has new rules regarding how it can label building products in California. A Superior Court judge laid out terms by which the retailer must advertise its 2x4s and other dimensional materials in a $1.6 million settlement order and final judgement filed on August 27. The order, brought on as part of a civil consumer protection action, lists three main rules for the retailer to follow going forward:

“Common descriptions” must be followed by actual dimensions and labeled as such. For instance, a 2×4 must be followed with a disclaimer that the wood is actually 1.5-inches by 3.5-inches and include a phrase equal or similar to “actual dimensions.”

The order, handed down by Judge Paul M. Haakenson, came as a response to a case involving claims by the Marin County, Calif., district attorney’s office that the retailer “unlawfully advertised structural dimensional building products for sale.”

Lowe’s spokesperson Amanda Manna said the company has begun to conform to the product description requirements in nearly 100 of its stores across California.



Anonymous said...

In a related decision, the statement "if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor" must now be followed by the phrase "I lied, you're stupid for believing me, I won you lost" or phrasing equal or similar. Oh, that decision wasn't handed down. Never mind!

Anonymous said...


The cited source on the post doesn't match the content of the post. The cite is an article called "Chief Meteorologist At Weatherbell Analytics: Organizers Of People’s Climate March Were ‘Prostituting The Weather And Climate’."

The article is from Philadelphia and doesn't mention Lowes and or lumber.

Just thought you'd want to know.

Bird of Paradise said...

This happened in Mexifornia with Govenor Moonbeam Brown

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Stan B said...

It is now official - Californians are just TOO stupid to buy lumber.

Go Away Bird said...

Eco-Wackos called Lumberyards graveyards for trees they have called logging trucks hearses for trees