Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Australia: Mock violence towards women causes uproar

It appears to have been in jest but joking is dangerous these days

 Bliss N Eso could face being banned by radio stations after Max 'Eso' MacKinnon from the rap outfit made recent offensive Instagram posts which have sparked a social media maelstrom.

Leading the charge against the artist are Australian rappers themselves, principally Xannon 'The Tongue' Shirley who are angry at his comments which appear to trivialize domestic violence.

He penned an open letter to Eso on The Vine, which started scathingly: 'imagine being 33 years old and thinking domestic violence is hilarious.'

'We now know how your mind works and, for someone with so much influence over Australian youth, it's truly disturbing,' Xannon continued. 

The controversy is over the Australian rapper's numerous Instagram posts on Monday of him at Madame Tussaud's wax museum in Los Angeles, which can only be described as misogynistic.

Causing the most backlash was a picture that saw him cock his fist at a statue of Rhianna alongside hashtags 'smackbyb****' and 'lovethewayithurts,' in reference to her song Love The Way You Lie with Eminem.

Xannon challenged Eso to go to a women's shelter 'to see how funny it is,' before questioning how Triple J, a radio station that's supported Biss N Eso, would react to the uproar.

And on Thursday the station reacted, with management stating: 'We haven't played any Bliss N Eso on Triple J. since Monday when this incident happened.'

'We appreciate that Eso has apologised and believe his sincerity. We'll wait on the audience sentiment before playing the band again.'



Bird of Paradise said...

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Tidford Tatt said...

Hi John,

Sorry to be a pest, but I have not seen any comment here about the travesty in Rotherham, England concerning the PC elite government of Rotherham turning a blind eye to the rape at least 1,400 mostly poor young (11-12 years old) white girls by Pakistani men because they were more worried about being called racists about the poor young girls being raped, and the subsequent coverups.

I've been on vacation, did I miss your review of this?

Go Away Bird said...

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