Sunday, September 14, 2014

Another controversial restaurant receipt

The details are here but it's a bit long-winded so I will summarize:

The 20c tip was left by footballer LeSean McCoy.  The restaurant put the receipt online in an attempt to strike back at him.  McCoy says he left the tip as a comment on the bad service -- and other servers said he was normally a generous tipper.

Most readers sided with McCoy and said it was offensive to post the receipt.  Many said that they would boycott that restaurant in future.

The restaurant owner says, however, that he personally observed McCoy getting excellent service.  See here.  What the owner says has the ring of truth and McCoy refuses to go into details.

The restaurant was PYT —a burger joint in Philadelphia. I suspect that they were justified in posting the receipt.  It seems possible that McCoy and his buddies were drunk.


Anonymous said...

So, how many non-famous customers leave a tip like this? Oh, that's right, no one cares. PYT and Rob --> a$$holes.

Anonymous said...

If the other servers usually got good tips from him, it sounds like he must have had reason. However the restaurant is going to hurt more than the player, as fans of the player will not patronize it, and non-fans have to wonder if they don't tip what the managers think they should if they'll be shamed online. Would you eat there?

Anonymous said...

I have a hard time imagining a star for a local team getting crappy service to the point he would only leave 20 cents. Stars need to remember the only reason they get paid millions of dollars to play a game is because of fans. Smart players cultivate that relationship.

Anonymous said...

So it has gone from 'slut-shaming' to 'cheap tip shaming' now has it?

Bird of Paradise said...

Dont forget to tip the doorman

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:13, believe it or not there are things one should be ashamed of. The risk of being humiliated for being total jerk is what keeps many people civil. Being a slut or a cheapskate millionaire is shameful.