Sunday, September 21, 2014

Woman called Isis starts campaign and petition for America to start calling terror group new name of ISIL so she can avoid being associated with them

A Miami woman called Isis Martinez posted a video on YouTube in which she pleads with the media to please stop using her name to refer to the 'shameless excuses for human beings' who have misappropriated her appellation.

The 38-year-old, who heads a non-profit in the Florida city, has created a petition urging the media and others to use the acronym 'ISIL' instead of 'ISIS' to describe the group formerly known as Islamic State of Iraq the Levant.

The petition, part of a campaign that began on August 23, has so far received 352 signatures.

Isis Martinez said she's tired of the 'awkward looks' and negative reactions of people when she introduces herself.  'I couldn't just sit back and let it happen,' she said in an interview with Newsweek.

She points out in the video that the United States government uses ISIL - including President Barack Obama - to refer to the group that now calls itself simply the Islamic State, as do the UN and the Associated Press.



Anonymous said...

Tomorrow's news headline reads:
'Atlanta Woman Isil Rodriguez launches petition to compel US media to use IS as name for terrorist group'

Bird of Paradise said...

Ahh the wackos there's too many wackos

Anonymous said...

Alanna lady says - I'S agin 'ISL', but I'S for 'IS' or 'ISIS'.