Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Must not refer to dark skin color

Take a good look at the above screen cap of a recent Vancouver Sun story. Notice anything unsavory? Like maybe an slightly insensitive, possibly racist photo caption?

Because yeah, the person responsible for captioning the photo pointed out which player was Jordan Subban, younger brother of P.K. Subban, by calling him “the dark guy in the middle.”

Now I personally wouldn’t label this a racist photo caption. But it is a very insensitive, incredibly stupid photo caption. They could have just not described who Subban was at all, allowing readers to make the inference on their own, given that P.K. Subban is very famous. Or, if they doubted the ability of their readers to make such an inference, they could have just said “(center)” or “(middle).” That would have done the trick.



Anonymous said...

Oh yes, anything but to describe him as having an obviously much darker skin tone from all the others in the photo, and therefore making it clear who was being described when all had a similar sports outfit. To avoid doing so is itself racist (or inverted racism)!

Anonymous said...

How is this different from "of color"?

stinky said...

Good player, too. Not as big as his brother but more skilled. With that profile, why he's a d-man instead of having long ago been converted to fw is beyond me.

Bird of Paradise said...

I'm glad i dont live in Canada its too liberal and too leftists

Go Away Bird said...

Give these liberal fools a few rounds of RAY STEVENS hit EVERYTHING IS BEUTIFUL it mentions Color of the Skin