Wednesday, October 08, 2014

The Athletes Formerly Known as R-word

Ebola is a breakout epidemic in West Africa that is killing thousands, if not tens of thousands, of people.

But here in the USA there is an even bigger crisis. America's capital city is represented by a National Football League team that is so politically incorrect that none, or at least a pair of nationally venerated sportscasters, dare speak its name, and it's killing thousands, if not millions, of enlightened citizens' feelings.

The team is the Washington R*dsk*ns and its name is considered by America's best and brightest Diversity Darlings to be offensive, insulting and racist.

A decade ago an Annenberg poll found that 90 percent of the very ethnic peoples to whom the politically incorrect word refers weren't bothered by the name while 9 percent said "they found the name offensive."

So what happened since then? The rate of outrage is now up to 67% by some counts. Have the people in question become enlightened? Radicalized? Manipulated by mass media, academia and liberal do-gooders? The 2004 Annenberg poll is now derided and labeled "infamous" by political correctness guardians. (If a poll doesn't fit your emotional preference attack it.)

The team's owner insists that he will never willingly give up the name; they'll have to pry it from his cold dead hands.

It's time then, not to change but to transcendentally uplift the name of the politically incorrect NFL franchise situated in the nation's capital, henceforth to be known as TAFKAR, "The Athletes Formerly Known as (R-word)."

See? It changes the actual name and logo so that socially sensitive sportscasters like Phil Simms and Tony Dungy can say "The Washington TAFKARs" while the team owner and fans can still say what the whole acronym actually stands for including that final, infamous R.



Jerry Doctor said...

There is now an attempt to get the FCC to ban the word "redskin" from the public airways. If Washington is finally forced to change their nickname, I hope they start calling themselves the Washington Censoreds. They could keep the same logo but add a gag.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, the Redskins will not play the Chiefs this year.

[ Didja notice that no one is up in arms about the Chiefs? ]

slinky said...

Are they going going to ban red skined potatos?

Anonymous said...

Change it to the Potomac Politicians. It's the most offensive name I can think of.

Bird of Paradise said...

Make up a new team cosisting only of liberal politicians and call them the ROBBER BARONS or SCOUNDRELS or THEIVES

stinky said...

I still like the Washington Solutreans, in honor of the original inhabitants of N. America who were later wiped out by aggressive colonizers.

Anonymous said...

If the US keeps this sort of crap up then it deserves to go the way of the Roman Empire with Obama fiddling in the burning ruins. Until you displace the lefty progressive brainwashers in your educational institutions you will never remove the brain-dead from the public service and politics. At times it seems that the ability to think for one's self no longer exists in the US when you look at the political activities of the Hollywood egotists, the global warming zealots, occupy parasites and general welfare leeches.

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding that the name Redskins was originally chosen about eighty years ago in Boston because the coach and several players were native Americans.

Go Away Bird said...

Hmmm it seams that the FCC banning the word REDSKIN is censorship But Obama being a Leftists scum sucker totaly rejects the U.S. Constitution escept to force to force Gay Marrage upon the nation