Sunday, October 05, 2014

A racist cartoon?

For a tiny fraction of what NASA has spent on Mars probes, India recently put an orbiter around Mars -- and did it successfully on the first try, unlike NASA.  Indians are rightly bursting with pride over the feat so are angered if they see it as being belittled.  It is amusing to see the NYT accused of being insensitive, though.  Portraying space scientists as poor farmers is a bit gross

It was really disappointing to see a racially inspired cartoon in New York Times trying to belittle Indian achievement in space. It is needless to say that the newspaper has been pulled badly by many people on social media handles like Twitter and Facebook. The worst thing was the fact that this racial cartoon was published while the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was there.

For many people it was one of the most discriminatory cartoons in a long time. NYT cartoon showed India trying to knock at a door. Behind the door two serious looking white old men were talking among themselves. The ones inside the room were shown to be US and Russia, space super powers that were unwilling to allow India enter the select space club. India was represented by a farmer in traditional north Indian clothes and a somber looking cow.



Anonymous said...

Mars-related Space projects may have some long-term or indirect economic and other benefits for India, but many might say the country's resources would be better spent trying to alleviate the terrible poverty throughout India, and the gross social inequalities and backward social practises (eg. the caste system, debt-slavery, child-labor and widespread abuse of women, etc.). Ditto the investment in nuclear weapons.

Anonymous said...

When they put up a manned mission then we might give them the credit they deserve. After all no one thinks of Australia as satellite pioneers but they were.

Anonymous said...

Leftists think it is okay to belittle and make racist references towards Indians. Like Cankles Clinton saying that Gandhi would be running a 7-11 and Biden saying you need to speak Indian to frequent a convenience store.

Bird of Paradise said...

All liberals need to be luanched into a blackhole