Thursday, October 02, 2014

That flag again

Over the course of the past ten days, an incident involving two Bryn Mawr college students has developed into a multi-day campuswide movement against racial discrimination. The series of events began when the two Bryn Mawr students in question flew the Confederate “stars and bars” flag in Radnor Hall, a dormitory at the college sometime before September 15. In addition to flying the flag in a public space on the hall, the two students drew a line on the floor of the hallway that was intended to represent the Mason-Dixon line.

The flag, which served as a national symbol of the slaveholding South during the civil war, maintains a strong anti-Black connotation for many. The Mason-Dixon line is considered to demarcate the cultural boundary between the American north and south.

According to Michelle Lee ’15, a student at Bryn Mawr and a resident of Radnor Hall, two girls posted a confederate flag in a shared dormitory space during the middle of the week of September 7th. When other students in the dormitory asked the girls to remove the flag, they refused, arguing the flag was a token of their Southern pride and was not offensive or racist. After the dorm president asked the girls for the flag to be taken down, they created with tape a line on their floor meant to represent the Mason-Dixon line. Following a second request from the hall’s dorm team for the flag to be removed, the girls placed it inside their room, where it was clearly visible from outside their window. Following the event, there was a rapid response from the student body.


And everybody had a wonderful time condemning the two Southerners


Anonymous said...

Contrary to popular myth the "Stars and Bars" is not the flag of the confederacy, it is the battle flag utilized during the war and as such has great reverence with the descendants of those who fought. The civil war was fought over states rights specifically the right to own people as slaves.


slinky said...

The traitor's flag.

Bird of Paradise said...

The Stars and Bars flag if ultra senstive liberal eletists snoots dont like it then they can go pound sand

Anonymous said...

Actually, the "Stars and Bars" is not the battle flag. The battle flag is the most commonly displayed and easily recognized flag, but the "Stars and Bars" was the national flag of the CSA.
Ablue field upper left with a union of stars representing the states in the Confederacy and three horizontal bars, red, white, and red.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I thought the civil war was fought to prevent the southern states from seceding from the union?

President Not Sure said...

Anon 7:21pm: Most foreigners I know call it the War of Succession.. So I dont know why you would think it has anything to do with the South wanting to succeed. We all know its because the Confederates are racist and all Southerners are still racist and that is it.

Anonymous said...

'President Not Sure' is also not sure of the difference between 'succeed /succession' and 'secede / secession'.
Most "foreigners" just call it the American Civil War.