Friday, September 30, 2016

Instapundit ‘Run Them Down’ Tweet Ruled Free Speech

The University of Tennessee will not punish the law professor who tweeted “run them down” about Charlotte protesters, after a school investigation found he was exercising his First Amendment rights.

“In short, no disciplinary action will be taken against Professor Reynolds,” law school Dean Melanie Wilson announced Tuesday, saying she had spent a week investigating the case. “The tweet was an exercise of his First Amendment rights.”

Glenn Reynolds fired off the tweet as protesters upset that police shot and killed Keith Lamont Scott were gathering on a highway in Charlotte, prompting a local news alert. “Protesters on I-277 stopping traffic and surrounding vehicles,” the alert read. “AVOID.”

Reynolds retweeted the alert, and added: “Run them down.”



Bird of Paradise said...

Liberals idead on the U.S. Constitution beleive it allows them to walk naked down main street but dont allow the average law abiding american the right to defend themselves in their own home from some home invaders becuase liberals are idiots

Anonymous said...

Did you see this story:

If they can call this anodyne statement 'hate' then there is no chance for a sensible discussion on the issue.

Anonymous said...

If I am faced with a hundred protestors illegally in my path wanting to destroy my vehicle and threaten my life the I will accelerate and face the consequences later. Black mobs prove that they are not exercising freedom of speech but are purely black lynch mobs. That is not a road to reform. That is not a road to public support. All I see are potential Black Panther members who have no intention of racial peace. I blame the US government that after the civil war that all African Americans were not repatriated to Africa.

Olaf Koenders said...

Typical of Leftard policy. Waste an entire week investigating a single tweet - as if there's an actual victim of the tweet that can come forward and claim palpable harm in court.

Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech stops at impeding any other citizen going about their rightful business. The impeded also have freedom of liberty to not be obstructed. The American Constitution deserves to be revisited by the Supreme Court once Justices that believe in the Constitution have been duly appointed and the activist judges no longer hold sway. Activism leads to the destruction of a peaceful society.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

liberals are so easly upset by worlds they feel harm their delicate little feelings they want all conservatives sent to concentration camps/gulags for life