Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Muslim preacher who branded a woman in skinny jeans a slut then shouted 'the Queen a terrorist' is found guilty of racial abuse

He certainly should have been prosecuted for harassing women but what he said was just nonsense that could have been ignored

An Islamic street preacher has been found guilty of abusing a woman in the street over her skinny jeans.

Unemployed Krissoni Henderson confronted his victim, Noor Alneaimi, in Birmingham's New Street on July 4 this year.

Henderson accosted his Muslim victim over her jeans before calling her a slut and saying he would blow up her house.

He said: 'You shall burn in hell, look at your jeans they are so tight. You will burn in hell for wearing such clothes'.

When she said she would report him, he told her: 'They can't do nothing. I am going to come down your house and blow up you and your house.'

Ms Alneaimi previously told the court: 'He started calling females on the street prostitutes, predominantly white women, calling them sluts. One woman started crying and ran off.

'Then he started hurling abuse at me. He said: 'Look at your tight jeans. You are a kafir'. I was dressed in Western clothes so I don't think he thought I was a Muslim.

'He kept saying: 'Satan, Satan, Satan' and it started drawing attention. I moved away because I was becoming frightened.'



Anonymous said...

Deport him. If you can't deport him lock him up with the criminally insane before he actually hurts someone. He is a danger to society that should not be tolerated given the current situation.

Bird of Paradise said...

eport all these poteniual terrorists and Obama as well as Jessie Jackson,Al Sharpton and Calypso Louie

Anonymous said...

And what are the consequences? They put him in a nice jail (they do not want to be oppressive) and he gets three hot meals and a soft bed. In most muslim countries for a similar transgression they beat you; interrogate you; throw you in a filthy jail where you had better have someone sending you food or you will starve. Just a small example of the difference between predominantly Christian and predominantly muslim countries.


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. He threatens to kill someone, and all he's charged with is "racial abuse"?

stinky said...

Sluts are a race? That'll require a few updates to the textbooks.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I thought on white westerner's could be charged with racial abuse. The left must be having kittens over this one, one of their pet Muslim's being charged with racial abuse.