Thursday, September 22, 2016

Must not say that homosexuals can go straight

A series of billboards in Waco, Texas, suggesting that a person’s homosexuality can change will come down in October when the group’s contract expires and won’t be erected again, according a local TV station.

KTRE-TV reported Sunday that the founder of an activist group called Interwaco called the billboard owner, Swift Media, to complain about the billboard’s message: “Ex-Gays prove change is possible.”

The billboard also includes the website, which links to the Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity, which promotes “principled advocates for persons experiencing unwanted homosexual attractions.”

“The people that own that company don't want any controversy. They don't want to fall down on either side when I explained to them what reparative therapy is... they had no idea," Carmen Saenz, founder of Interwaco, said, adding that the billboard cast a negative light on the city.

The billboard was rented by the group Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX), a non-profit group “committed to helping ex-gays and parents and friends of gays who want help, hope and community.”

"What we want to let people know is that there is hope if you are unhappy with your sexual orientation. There is no scientific evidence to suggest you are born that way. If you are unhappy you can change," PFOX Executive Director Regina Griggs told KTRE-TV.



Anonymous said...

Is their any proof that the decision to become gay is not a lifestyle choice, a psychological choice and has is really a physical reality? Not by any reliable evidence I have read. I guess it's a bit like being a socialist. Once you are brainwashed then there is no way back.

Bird of Paradise said...

Whine,whine,whine,complain,complain,complain that all those liberal leftists special interests groups ever do

stinky said...

Sexuality is set in the womb. A minor percentage might be able to change in adulthood but that's it.

The tranny "fluid" garbage being espoused is keeping the "we can straighten them" movement alive these days. If sexuality were fluid, it could be changed, sure, but it's not. You're either gay, straight, or lying, as the saying goes.

Anonymous said...

Eh, I guess Swift Media is entitled to decide who and what gets shown on their billboards.

Anonymous said...

Only bisexual people can be "persuaded" to be more straight than gay or vice versa. Most other people are can only be gay or straight. Straight people in a single sex environment like a prison can be superficially "gay" for a time but will revert when the environment changes (but may have discovered their "bisexual side"). It is selfish to try to change a person's sexuality however that may have arisen, or make them feel they should change it. Better to learn to live with it without stress or trauma.

Anonymous said...

Publicly, most homosexuals say they were born. They can't say otherwise without being attacked. Most people go along with public opinions; few even have their own.

But I have met several homosexuals who say they were made, in boyhood, by paedophiles. They told me how it happened - through continuous sexual activity with and older male, particularly being "impregnated", from their youngest remembered years right throughout their growing years.

And here is the interesting part. They are as obviously homosexual and over sexed as you could imagine. Even more than you can imagine, for most heterosexuals cannot fathom or believe the truth of how much sexual energy and activity homosexuals have.

Now, I am not suggesting that every flamboyant, oversexed, over the top homosexual was made that way by an older male, only that I have met some who say they were.

If homosexuals that severe can be made, might they not be unmade too?

We don't know much about homosexuality, biologically or psychologically. There is so much compulsory belief about it, so much social insistence on what to believe, that few can see through all that to anywhere near the truth.

There is a strong attraction to boys and youth amongst homosexuals. Again, publicly this is denied, but it exists. Mix with homosexuals, look and listen; youth attraction is blatant. And the denial of it by leftists is so strong that teams of leftist/feminist psychs, counsellors and social workers can know of a sexual relationship between an older male and an underage youth and they will not report it as they are mandated to.

And consider that depending on the studies, about 40% of child molesters were under 15 when they started molesting little boys, and about 50% of child molesters were molested as boys by older youths. Join those dots. Then this one: Many current elderly priests joined the training monasteries when they were only 16 years old.

And it is largely myth that men turn homosexual in prisons. It occurs as rape and abuse within some racial groups but not within others. And it occurs as rape by those same racial groups against others. Guess which races rape which race.

Anonymous said...

Many straight men are attracted to much younger women and even teenage girls (the Lolita syndrome). Sounds very biased to just accuse gay men of being attracted to youth. It's because "youth" generally indicates fertility in a biological sense and so is naturally attractive to even much older people.
Homosexuality is probably caused in many ways and expressed in many ways or suppressed in many ways. Most gays and lesbians are probably "invisible" and lead quiet otherwise normal lives; with only the flamboyant and "activists" being obvious to the rest of society and providing the stereotypical image of "homosexuals".

Anonymous said...

Bigoted religious people have to claim homosexuality is a choice otherwise if homosexuals were born that way then God must have allowed it to happen!

blue bird said...

I don't suggest that it is just homosexuals that are sexually attracted to youth. So I don't think I am being biased, certainly not very biased. As you say, youth suggests fertility, so there is probably a basic physiological attraction there related to the species survival drive. Perhaps that is present in homosexuality too, even though it does not propagate the species.

But I do observe that amongst open homosexuals that along with most conversations containing sexual innuendo, that they frequently also contain sexual innuendo about boys. Sure, male heterosexual conversations also contains innuendo about sex and sometimes some about girls. But it is not near as frequent or general as it is amongst male homosexuals.

I am only speaking of my own observations. But I have been around a bit.

Yes I agree, homosexuality is caused, expressed and suppressed in many ways.
And certainly many homosexuals are invisible and living quiet lives.

Nothing is really isolated or singular. All things are part of spectrums. And all things are combinations. That's why we need to be able to both differentiate and generalise.

Anonymous said...

So.. That means it'd be perfectly okay to infer that straights can go gay eh?

Yep.. Damn gay Nazi party again. Wish it'd just shut the f- up and get on quietly at home.